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CONVERSATION WITH JOHNNY, a novel of Power & Sex

"...the Mafia don as therapist. This comic premise anchors the vignettes that form Conversation, allowing Valerio the freedom to demonstrate his virtuosity as poet, comedian, fantasist, philospher, cultural historian." --Professor George Guida, City University of New York.

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A Supporting, Nurturing, Creative Environment-
Some of the Segments:
The Magic of Creative Writing
The Devices Writers Use: Time, Images, Narrative Voice
The Revision Process
Writers’ Block

The Writer’s Life (This is really what it is)

Ins/​Outs & Tips on Self-Publishing: How-to
Through a Literary Agent: Cover Letters

For Teachers of Writing: Two Working Exercises

Anecdotes & Lessons of Writers I've worked with:

Kurt Vonnegut, Jr.
Harold Brodkey
Shel Silverstein

Recent review:Jump start your project!

What a great course! I think it has helped free me from old, unhelpful habits. I feel I have some tools now to bring to a close a project I have been working on for longer than I like to think about. Valerio is easy to listen to and really knows his way in and around the various stages of writing projects, from the creative process to editing. He’s engaging, encouraging, and inviting and the course itself is very easy to follow and the video is excellent. I recommend!

Anthony Valerio is an author, editor and teacher. His books include The Mediterranean Runs Through Brooklyn, Valentino and the Great Italians, Lefty and Her Gangsters, The Little Sailor, BART: A Life of A. Bartlett Giamatti, Anita Garibaldi: a Biography, Toni Cade Bambara's One Sicilian Night and JOHN DANTE'S INFERNO, a Playboy's Life. His stories have appeared in the Paris Review and his work has been anthologized by The Viking Press and Random House. His most recent work is JOHN DANTE'S INFERNO: The Screenplay. Mr. Valerio has taught at New York University, The City University of New York and Wesleyan University. He is a member of PEN and The Authors Guild.

"He's just crazy enough-He knows his people-He knows his craft-He gets in, tells his story and gets out-It's what good writing should be."

--Shel Silverstein

About ANITA GARIBALDI, a Biography

"In Valerio's hand, Anita Garibaldi emerges as the courageous but vulnerable woman from Sao Paulo, Brazil, whose singular and precious spirit was caught in the times. Anita Garibaldi is a romance discovered in history's embrace. Valerio creates the Brazilian ethos in its emerald presence as the brilliant nerve in Garibaldi's brave but short time. This biography has a texture like a Renior film, broad and expansive, swimming along in voluble seas."-Afaa M. Weaver Simmons College Boston

About JOHN DANTE'S INFERNO, a Playboy's Life
A 21st Century Virgil! September 28, 2012
By John McCormick (Chicago)
A great writer once remarked with considerable relish that "Dante was a pornographer!" He was referring to the author of *The Divine Comedy.*

One might think that Anthony Valerio, who parallels the life of *Playboy* insider John Dante with the narrative of Dante Alighieri's *Inferno,* would risk making elements of the latter seem salacious or cheap.

On the contrary, Valerio elevates what others certainly would have rendered pornographic--the exploits of a consummate ladies man in the tradition of Don Juan, Casanova, Valentino--to the level of epic poetry.

*John Dante's Inferno* is the latest and perhaps bravest of Valerio's incomparable chronicles of singular Italian American lives; an erudite, reverent, wry, wise and, yes, bawdy biography of Giovanni Aimola aka John Dante--Italian immigrant, night club owner, restauranteur and life-long right hand man to *Playboy* founder, Hugh Hefner.

Valerio's voice is as much a character in this work as is any of the artists, celebrities, gangsters, and of course women (intriguing, beautiful, daring and too often terribly vulnerable women) who cross its pages. Readers will laugh aloud at Valerio's nonplused, bemused reactions to some of the more outrageous statements uttered by the likes of Dante, Hefner, and Shel Silverstein, who also plays a pivotal role in this tale of physical pleasure and, at its core, emotional longing. They will mourn the death in exile suffered by this Dante and wonder whether he ever attained anything like the *Paradiso* described by his namesake.

Seamlessly weaving 13th century Florence with 20th century Chicago and Hollywood, Valerio lays bare the timelessness and full depth of male lust and desire--at their most base and transcendent. Both men and women among readers will recognize anew what a glorious and ridiculous creature is the male of the species.

About LEFTY & HER GANGSTERS, a novel of Power & Sex

“Subsequent artistic attempts at humanizing the don include Analyze This and The Sopranos. Both of these productions feature don characters in therapy. Valero's use of the therapy device, though, is unique and visionary. It not only predates these films, but also shows the don in control, as therapist, not patient. This configuration emphasizes the power of Italian culture to nurture individual identity. Johnny, the don, serves as cultural nursemaid to the reborn Italian-American, Nicholas. “ Melus

About THE LITTLE SAILOR, a Romantic Thriller

"The private, woman-filtered experience of communal life, Valerio’s quintessential métier, the animating principal of his entire literary corpus." --George Guida, VIA Magazine


"The process by which a great love begins is as hidden as the birth of the universe or the conception of a human being. Here Anthony Valerio, who has lived it, allows us to see it without violating its mystery. This is his story of the improbable but profound recognition that ignited between him -- an "Olive" man, Italian-American writer -- and the acclaimed, doomed Black novelist and activist Toni Cade Bambara. It is so delicate, touching, suspenseful -- I hardly breathed the whole time." "amba12" (New York, NY USA)

"Anthony Valerio's fiction bears likeness to our best dreams when the fantastical elements of the subconscious play themselves out in a vivid replica of reality."

--The Baltimore Sun

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