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cover The Little Sailor ( the author at 3 yrs. of age.)

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The Little Sailor Audio Book -2 CD's

written and read by Anthony Valerio

About The Little Sailor, Anthony Valerio writes:

“I enjoyed writing The Little Sailor more than any of my other books. I had never recalled so early, with such pleasure. These are the beautiful women who raised me. Who taught me. Happy women and sad. Sainted women and scorned. Lovers appearing in the guise of goddess and sibyl. It’s a sensual, picaresque odyssey in which Antonio seeks to hold onto his openness, his innocence, and thereby his ladies and their beauty.
I have never loved anyone as much as the grocer’s daughter, Frances Palermo. To revisit and sustain this pure love, I believe I had to morph into the reformed arch criminal Kasper Gutman, known in elite crime circles as the Fat Man, and resume the hunt for the notorious statuette of a bird filled from beak to claw with fantastic riches—the Maltese Falcon. By the way, that’s me on the cover, around 3 yrs.”

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truly enjoyed appearance on this podcast with Prof. Ellen Nerenberg--about
Dante and his eternal story of unrequited love, Vita Nova. - here is link to podcast -

enjoyed radio show yesterday. helped with fund raiser, shared resources, read a little Faulkner and from IMMIGRANTS.

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about Dante in Love:
"There are many ways of "translating" a work of literature. Valerio translates this noble work of medieval courtly love into a new medium, one that is vibrant, compelling, and immediately accessible to the broadest spectrum of today's readers. He tells and comments at the same time, in language that is insightful and compassionate. Dante's story becomes the story of a young "anyman" in love, a passion that comes down to us through the ages cloaked in different shades yet comprised of the same anxieties, hopes and dreams. The telling is encased in a degree of comic irony that makes the voice and the story all the more enjoyable."


Just Released! IMMIGRANTS - Volumes I & II - Order your copy here: https://www.amazon.com/dp/0990467570/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1501176392&sr=8-1&keywords=anthony+valerio

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IMMIGRANTS according to Anthony Valerio - volume II

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cover/poster IMMIGRANTS - VOLUME II - cover design Dave Barry


IMMIGRANTS - according to Anthony Valerio - volume I

Love IMMIGRANTS! Prof. Rebecca West


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IMMIGRANTS - according to Anthony Valerio

Portraits of immigrants, some famous, some not-so-famous. All essential. All important.
from the Author's Note:"...the individual pieces contained herein illustrate how in fact and imagination we all derive from one another, learn from one another, share with one another."

"Valerio's knowledge of Italian experience and his scholarship are quite evident. He really knows both his history and his subject very well. No less important is the fact that he is a first-rate writer who can really tell a good story."


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Just released - Worldwide Publication of Dante in Love!

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Subsequent artistic attempts at humanizing the don include Analyze This and The Sopranos. Both of these productions feature don characters in therapy. Valerio's use of the therapy device, though, is unique and visionary. It not only predates these films, but also shows the don in control, as therapist, not patient. This configuration emphasizes the power of Italian culture to nurture individual identity. Johnny, the don, serves as cultural nursemaid to the reborn Italian-American, Nicholas.

“The Mafia don as therapist--This comic premise anchors the vignettes that form Conversation with Johnny, allowing Valerio the freedom to demonstrate his virtuosity as poet, comedian, fantasist, philospher, and cultural historian.”
--Professor George Guida, City University of New York


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review just in by the great poet Rose Romano
I just bought a copy of Conversation with Johnny by Anthony Valerio. I also just finished reading it. That’s not a coincidence. It’s one of those books that you gobble up, snorting and drooling.
Thank goodness there are some writers in this world who aren’t suffering from Lip Flapper’s Syndrome. The book, double-spaced, is less than 240 pages long but it’s got enough stuff for a book that’s a lot longer. There’s little description but it’s very vivid. There’s little in-depth psychological claptrap to justify the characters’ behavior, but these people are as real as you are. Valerio knows what to put in and what to leave out.
He just sits there, types up a good story, and then stops typing—right in the middle of a sentence.
Johnny’s a don and this writer guy talks to him about his problems and stuff. Sometimes I couldn’t tell when the writer was talking to Johnny and when he was talking to me. But that’s okay. The story goes straight from beginning to end but the writing goes around in circles, hops over fences, stops off to buy some fruit, gets hit by a car, gives a talk about Dante. It’s a story that hovers over you long after you close the book.
I’ve added Conversation with Johnny to my pile of books that I read over and over just to keep me company.

Just in- review by Vincent Panella of -
John Dante’s Inferno, A Playboy’s Life by Anthony Valerio


In A Playboy’s Life, Anthony Valerio tells the story of an ordinary man who, almost without effort, finds himself in an extraordinary situation. This lively and skillfully written biography takes as its subject John Aimola, a son of Italian immigrants who renames himself John Dante and begins an intense relationship with Hugh Hefner, founder of the Playboy brand. The fascinating part of this book is the way Valerio relates John’s life to the great epic poem of his literary idol, Dante Alighieri, whose Inferno is based on the concept that the punishment for sin would resemble the sin itself.

John was born to immigrants who settled in Chicago in the early 1900’s. The family wanted their son to avoid the street gangs and mobsters in the Italian section where they lived and sent him to a boarding school run by Benedictine monks. The monks taught The Divine Comedy, the poem about a pilgrim – Dante himself – who must journey through Hell’s inferno before he can attain Paradise. At the school one monk would read the poem in Italian while another used a pull down screen to flash Gustav Dore’s famous illustrations of sinners in the circles of Hell.

As John grows older he never forgets the monks’ lessons while at the same time he becomes aware after some early sexual encounters that he is attractive to women. John is handsome and good-natured and smart and easy to like. After a brief stint in organized crime, and a short career as a bartender, he opens a night club in a poor area of Chicago and calls it Dante’s Inferno. He decorates the walls with Doré reproductions and places ads in Playboy – a magazine he read and collected. One night a curious Hugh Hefner arrives at the club and John Aimola introduces himself as John Dante. Hefner likes him at once and the meeting begins a decades-long friendship which ends when the two men grow older and the Playboy phenomenon subsides.

Hefner hires John as a bartender and soon promotes him to manager of the Playboy club in Chicago. John is responsible for hiring not only the help but also the Bunnies. Later he would manage other Playboy clubs stateside and in England as the Playboy lifestyle catches on. John is given an apartment in the Playboy mansion and falls under the sway of Hefner and his hyper-sexual world. As a resident of the mansion and part of Hefner’s in-group, John meets and befriends not only the powerful men who pass through, but a train of women willing to provide sex to advance their careers, or simply to join the party. The artists and actors, the gangsters and their women, all touch John’s life, but none more than Hefner himself. The two men will take part in any number of orgies in Hefner’s bedroom. The group sex will include John, Hefner, often one or two male friends, but always more women than men. At a certain point the group sex turns ambiguous, the borders of acceptable male heterosexuality between the two men become porous, and John, who still retains his old world values, withdraws.

This might be a book about sex if not for Valerio’s ability to plumb John’s mind and reawaken him to Dante Alighieri’s system of sin and punishment, something John has put aside until the Playboy life comes to its inevitable end, with age, with the death of his parents, and his own self-questioning. The end is hastened as Hefner himself grows older. Lines have been crossed between the two men. One day, and without telling Hefner, John packs the battered suitcase his mother brought from Italy and drives to Florida, consciously thinking of the dignity he’s lost and what he has to preserve. He settles into a rundown bungalow in Fort Lauderdale and wants to write a book about his life called Guest at the Party. His dream is to retire in Florence with the proceeds and to spend his last years in the city where his counterpart wrote the poem whose world mirrored his own. Valerio writes the biography for him, but John dies before his dream is realized.

As Dante Alighieri peopled Hell with his contemporaries as exemplars of sin, Valerio presents John’s world in the same terms. It is Valerio’s genius to imply that humankind in our time has not changed, and those who live in excess, those who betray the public trust, have places in the underworld if only in our imaginings.

Just out: Creative Bestsellers: Concept to Sales
my supportive writing workshop video: 2+ hours of tips, techniques, anecdotes.

A Supporting, Nurturing, Creative Environment-
Some of the Segments:
The Magic of Creative Writing
The Devices Writers Use: Time, Images, Narrative Voice
The Revision Process
Writers’ Block

The Writer’s Life (This is really what it is)

Ins/​Outs & Tips on Self-Publishing: How-to
Through a Literary Agent: Cover Letters

For Teachers of Writing: Two Working Exercises

Anecdotes & Lessons of Writers I've worked with:

Kurt Vonnegut, Jr.
Harold Brodkey
Shel Silverstein

Recent review:Jump start your project!

What a great course! I think it has helped free me from old, unhelpful habits. I feel I have some tools now to bring to a close a project I have been working on for longer than I like to think about. Valerio is easy to listen to and really knows his way in and around the various stages of writing projects, from the creative process to editing. He’s engaging, encouraging, and inviting and the course itself is very easy to follow and the video is excellent. I recommend!

Anthony Valerio is an author, editor and teacher. His books include The Mediterranean Runs Through Brooklyn, Valentino and the Great Italians, Lefty and Her Gangsters, The Little Sailor, BART: A Life of A. Bartlett Giamatti, Anita Garibaldi: a Biography, Toni Cade Bambara's One Sicilian Night, John Dante's Inferno, a Playboy's Life, Conversation with Johnny, Dante in Love, IMMIGRANTS according to Anthony Valerio volume I & volume II. His stories have appeared in the Paris Review and his work has been anthologized by The Viking Press and Random House. His most recent work is The Women's Doctor: Ignaz Semmelweis. Mr. Valerio has taught at New York University, The City University of New York and Wesleyan University. He is a member of PEN and The Authors Guild.

"He's just crazy enough-He knows his people-He knows his craft-He gets in, tells his story and gets out-It's what good writing should be."

--Shel Silverstein

About ANITA GARIBALDI, a Biography

"In Valerio's hand, Anita Garibaldi emerges as the courageous but vulnerable woman from Sao Paulo, Brazil, whose singular and precious spirit was caught in the times. Anita Garibaldi is a romance discovered in history's embrace. Valerio creates the Brazilian ethos in its emerald presence as the brilliant nerve in Garibaldi's brave but short time. This biography has a texture like a Renior film, broad and expansive, swimming along in voluble seas."-Afaa M. Weaver Simmons College Boston

About JOHN DANTE'S INFERNO, a Playboy's Life
A 21st Century Virgil! September 28, 2012
By John McCormick (Chicago)
A great writer once remarked with considerable relish that "Dante was a pornographer!" He was referring to the author of *The Divine Comedy.*

One might think that Anthony Valerio, who parallels the life of *Playboy* insider John Dante with the narrative of Dante Alighieri's *Inferno,* would risk making elements of the latter seem salacious or cheap.

On the contrary, Valerio elevates what others certainly would have rendered pornographic--the exploits of a consummate ladies man in the tradition of Don Juan, Casanova, Valentino--to the level of epic poetry.

*John Dante's Inferno* is the latest and perhaps bravest of Valerio's incomparable chronicles of singular Italian American lives; an erudite, reverent, wry, wise and, yes, bawdy biography of Giovanni Aimola aka John Dante--Italian immigrant, night club owner, restauranteur and life-long right hand man to *Playboy* founder, Hugh Hefner.

Valerio's voice is as much a character in this work as is any of the artists, celebrities, gangsters, and of course women (intriguing, beautiful, daring and too often terribly vulnerable women) who cross its pages. Readers will laugh aloud at Valerio's nonplused, bemused reactions to some of the more outrageous statements uttered by the likes of Dante, Hefner, and Shel Silverstein, who also plays a pivotal role in this tale of physical pleasure and, at its core, emotional longing. They will mourn the death in exile suffered by this Dante and wonder whether he ever attained anything like the *Paradiso* described by his namesake.

Seamlessly weaving 13th century Florence with 20th century Chicago and Hollywood, Valerio lays bare the timelessness and full depth of male lust and desire--at their most base and transcendent. Both men and women among readers will recognize anew what a glorious and ridiculous creature is the male of the species.

About Conversation with Johnny, a novel of Power & Sex

“Subsequent artistic attempts at humanizing the don include Analyze This and The Sopranos. Both of these productions feature don characters in therapy. Valero's use of the therapy device, though, is unique and visionary. It not only predates these films, but also shows the don in control, as therapist, not patient. This configuration emphasizes the power of Italian culture to nurture individual identity. Johnny, the don, serves as cultural nursemaid to the reborn Italian-American, Nicholas. “ Melus

About THE LITTLE SAILOR, a Romantic Thriller

"The private, woman-filtered experience of communal life, Valerio’s quintessential métier, the animating principal of his entire literary corpus." --George Guida, VIA Magazine


"The process by which a great love begins is as hidden as the birth of the universe or the conception of a human being. Here Anthony Valerio, who has lived it, allows us to see it without violating its mystery. This is his story of the improbable but profound recognition that ignited between him -- an "Olive" man, Italian-American writer -- and the acclaimed, doomed Black novelist and activist Toni Cade Bambara. It is so delicate, touching, suspenseful -- I hardly breathed the whole time." "amba12" (New York, NY USA)

"Anthony Valerio's fiction bears likeness to our best dreams when the fantastical elements of the subconscious play themselves out in a vivid replica of reality."

--The Baltimore Sun

New Work - Dante in Love - a modern literary translation of Dante's classic A New Life

Fiction. Translation
a haunting beautiful eternal story of unrequited love--
Italian and Italian American Studies. Biography
Illiterate and poor, the daughter of a herdsman in 19th century Brazil, Anita Ribeiro was lifted from a life of obscurity to one that is the stuff of romance and adventure. When she and a young Italian exile by the name of Captain Garibaldi met in 1839, they joined in the cause of founding a Brazilian republic. Later they went on to lead the defense of Montevideo from an Argentine siege—just one episode among many in their idealistic, nationalistic crusade in a time of immense revolutionary upheaval. It was Anita who taught Garibaldi the guerrilla ways of the gauchoS≪/i>, and they lived as man and wife through a series of adventure and wars. Returning to Italy in 1848 to fight for a united republican Italy, as revolution swept throughout Europe, Anita and Garibaldi were tragically separated by her untimely death the following year. Garibaldi went on to ultimate fame as the father of modern Italy—while Anita's story drifted into the mists of legend. This book, the first full biography of the remarkable life of Anita Garibaldi, tells the true story of a fascinating and important woman.
Italian History, Biography, Women's Studies
John Dante, Champ - and his great friends Shel Silverstein & Hugh Hefner, and many others
"The substance of this memoir is what makes us human when we come home from struggling in the world." --Afaa Michael Weaver
Biography. New Print Edition. http://www.amazon.com/BART-Life-Bartlett-Giamatti/dp/0977282481/ref=sr_1_3?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1362605171&sr=1-3&keywords=anthony+valerio
"A Wonderful Read."
–Larry King, Newsday
"The Little Sailor is a literary gem from one of our foremost writers. Anthony Valerio's evocative prose woos the characters onto the page and into the hearts of its readers. His charming, eccentric, deeply moving women emerge from a world of distant memories with extraordinary force and passion–sensual, enticing, unforgettable–and the reader is mesmerized."
–Edvige Giunta

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