The Conception of a Great love

"The process by which a great love begins is as hidden as the birth of the universe or the conception of a human being. Here Anthony Valerio, who has lived it, allows us to see it without violating its mystery. This is his story of the improbable but profound recognition that ignited between them--an 'Olive" man, Italian-American writer--and the acclaimed, doomed Black novelist and activist Toni Cade Bambara. It is so delicate, touching, suspenseful--I hardly breathed the whole time."
Amba12 (NYC)

Baseball. Bart Giamatti. Pete Rose
Sports. Baseball. Bart Giamatti
Inspired by Shel Silverstein. Must say Bart's writings on baseball one of the best!
Dante Alighieri. Vita Nuova. Dante and Beatrice
Immigrants. Rescued dogs & cats.
Biography. Playboy. John Dante. Shel Silverstein. Hugh Hefner
Detective Thriller. The Maltese Falcon. Autobiography
Very brief description goes here
Risorgimento. Revolutionary Women. Anita Garibaldi
Not a cliche but this IS the woman behind the great Italian general Garibaldi!
Toni Cade Bambara. Black History. Important Black Women/authors/activist
novels. Italian/Italian-American. Gangsters. Mafia

IMMIGRANTS, according to Anthony Valerio

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