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Sheba, dearly departed

Alex the great, grandson

more good fortune, daughter G

granddaughter Zoe

How fortunate I am to have such a daughter & granddaughter

This year 2013-2014 Anthony Valerio is living in Italy. He will be traveling, writing and speaking. Some of that experience, real & imagined, is contained in his blog on this website.
Cover image THE LITTLE SAILOR. The author at age 5
Anthony Valerio is an author, editor and teacher. He was a book editor in major publishing houses, including McGraw-Hill. His stories have appeared in The Paris Review and in anthologies published by The Viking Press and Random House. He is the author of eight books of fiction and nonfiction, including the cult classics The Mediterranean Runs Through Brooklyn, Valentino and the Great Italians. His bestselling BART: A Life of A. Bartlett Giamatti was praised by Larry King "A wonderful read." His latest work is IMMIGRANTS according to Anthony Valerio - volume I. Forthcoming IMMIGRANTS according to Anthony Valerio - volume II.
Coming in October THE WOMEN'S DOCTOR: Ignaz Semmelweis

Anthony Valerio taught at New York University, the City University of New York, Wesleyan University and he’s going to start two semesters at a consortium of universities in Bologna, Italy. He lectures widely in the United States and Europe and has been a fiction judge at PEN and The Authors Guild.
His website can be found here.

About Anthony Valerio’s work his friend and legendary children’s book author Shel Silvertein said:

"He knows his craft: he gets in, tells his story and gets out. It’s what good writing should be."

Valerio’s works available

John Dante’s Inferno. A Playboy’s Life : Bio/Memoir, p. 220, English ms. available; Rights available: world, all languages and territories
The life of one of the Great Lovers of all time, John Dante lived the life of a bachelor’s fantasy, going from his humble beginnings in a small Italian village to the Playboy Mansion, where he lived for 26 years with Hugh Hefner and 40 of the most beautiful women in the world. John Dante was a key figure in the first years of the Playboy empire, hiring Bunnies, training Bunny Mothers, and managing the Playboy jet. He befriended some of the most popular and important figures of our time, including Hugh Hefner, whom John paints as a “fascinating, complex man,” as well as Shel Silverstein, Lenny Bruce, Linda Lovelace, Don Adams, James Caan and myriad other personalities and stars. A first hand, inside look at the phenomenon of Playboy from the second-in-command.

Dante in Love - the eternal story of unrequited love.

Just released (2017) : IMMIGRANTS - volume I

Anita Garibaldi, a Biography : Praeger/2000, Biography, p. 400, Rights available: world, all languages and territories; Translation rights sold to Italy/Gallucci/2010
The first complete, accurate biography of one of the most revolutionary women in history. A story told with sensitivity and eloquence, with a texture like a Renoir film, broad and expansive, swimming along in voluble seas.

The Mediterranean Runs Through Brooklyn : Fiction, p. 116, Rights available: world, all languages and territories; Translation rights sold to Italy/Zona Editrice/2010
“The book contains a series of portraits. Valerio writes with a rich style, and has an unusually good eye for detail. The situations happen in Brooklyn in the life of an Italian-American family, and sometimes in Italy. The book has zest, high humor, madness, detached reflection, and pathos.” Los Angeles Times

Lefty & Her Gangsters, a Novel of Power & Sex : Fiction, p. 230, English ms. available; Rights available: world, all languages and territories
The incomparable Lefty, a redheaded, left-handed, cross-eyed, married and very sexy woman, reduces her Italian-American lover, Nicholas, to that of a sex slave, her own private Button Man, propelling him back to the neighborhood don, Johnny, for counsel and wisdom. Lefty is also their muse and their salvation, humanizing both the Italian poet and the Italian gangster, and even transforms them to the godfather of the future, the unforgettable Don Pippo, reformed, wise, gentle.

The Little Sailor, a Romantic Thriller : Fiction, p. 150, English ms. available; Rights available: world, all languages and territories
A novel, a memoir and a prose poem.

Toni Cade Bambara’s One Sicilian Night : Memoir, p. 87, Rights available: world, all languages and territories
With this book, Anthony Valerio offers a memoir of his close relationship with noted writer, documentary filmmaker and screenwriter Toni Cade Bambara.

Valentino and The Great Italians : Biography, p. 247, Rights available: world, all languages and territories
A unique attempt to celebrate the history of the Italian spirit. Drawing upon a body of positive myth, Valerio turns over the ubiquitous singularity of the Godfather myth and reveals the essence of Italian culture. Through an innovative approach combining fact, memory and invention, Valentino and the Great Italians illuminates, in twenty-two remarkable portraits, the lives and times of such heroes and legends as Rudolph Valentino, Giuseppe and Anita Garibaldi, Joe DiMaggio, Christopher Columbus, Enrico Caruso, Lee Iacocca, Frank Sinatra, Tony Bennett. They are all brought to life in an Italian opera of passion, tragedy, comedy and scandal.

BART: A Life of A. Bartlett Giamatti : Harcourt/1993, Biography, Rights available: world, all languages and territories
“The book brims over with examples of Bart’s eloquence. It contains, as well, quotations about Giamatti from his colleagues in both academia and baseball, and from people familiar with his life from his earliest days growing up in Holyoke, Massachusetts, where Dante and baseball were topics of conversation around the family dinner table. BART contains a wealth of images associated with Giamatti’s life ranging from a photograph of the gas station where Holyoke men and boys gathered to listen to the Red Sox games to a sampling of Italian art works and photography associated with his scholarly pursuits... a deft and balanced selection.” Yale Magazine
“This book is a celebration of baseball as an essential fiber of Americana. It is inspirational, thought-provoking and unique.” The Arizona Daily Star
“Exquisite and elegant.” Yankee Magazine

New Work - Dante in Love - a modern literary translation of Dante's classic A New Life

Fiction. Translation
a haunting beautiful eternal story of unrequited love--
Italian and Italian American Studies. Biography
Illiterate and poor, the daughter of a herdsman in 19th century Brazil, Anita Ribeiro was lifted from a life of obscurity to one that is the stuff of romance and adventure. When she and a young Italian exile by the name of Captain Garibaldi met in 1839, they joined in the cause of founding a Brazilian republic. Later they went on to lead the defense of Montevideo from an Argentine siege—just one episode among many in their idealistic, nationalistic crusade in a time of immense revolutionary upheaval. It was Anita who taught Garibaldi the guerrilla ways of the gauchoS≪/i>, and they lived as man and wife through a series of adventure and wars. Returning to Italy in 1848 to fight for a united republican Italy, as revolution swept throughout Europe, Anita and Garibaldi were tragically separated by her untimely death the following year. Garibaldi went on to ultimate fame as the father of modern Italy—while Anita's story drifted into the mists of legend. This book, the first full biography of the remarkable life of Anita Garibaldi, tells the true story of a fascinating and important woman.
Italian History, Biography, Women's Studies
John Dante, Champ - and his great friends Shel Silverstein & Hugh Hefner, and many others
"The substance of this memoir is what makes us human when we come home from struggling in the world." --Afaa Michael Weaver
Biography. New Print Edition.
"A Wonderful Read."
–Larry King, Newsday
"The Little Sailor is a literary gem from one of our foremost writers. Anthony Valerio's evocative prose woos the characters onto the page and into the hearts of its readers. His charming, eccentric, deeply moving women emerge from a world of distant memories with extraordinary force and passion–sensual, enticing, unforgettable–and the reader is mesmerized."
–Edvige Giunta

IMMIGRANTS, according to Anthony Valerio