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photo of Dr. Joseph Skoda, first and formost of Semmelweis's mentors and teachers.
Jospeph Skoda, first and most foremost of Semmelweis's mentors and teachers. Physician to the crown.


Semmelwies arrives in Vienna to study law. He audits a demonstration by the famous physician Joseph Skoda. Without telling his father he switches from law to medicine. Switching in this project the recently completed book Semmelweis, the Women's Doctor is thematic. Switching from his small town in Buda to big-town comparatively intolerant, racist Vienna. Switching studies. And then the first major step in discovering the causes of childbed fever, the H.I. V. and cancer of his time, switching midwives of the Second lying-in clinic with the medical students of the First. The death reate was higher in the First. Semmelweis wa sout to discver why.

in memory of my primos Vincent Robert DiGregorio & Vincent DiGregorio - photos of Grieved Angel., Protestant Cemetery, Rome, by Anthony Valerio