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Available now first edtiion of SEMMELWEIS  signed & dated by the author Anthony Valerio -
$29. Thru Paypal - Anthony Valerio - 860-301-2130

enjoyed being on this podcast yesterday.




enjoyed appearance on this podcast with Prof. Ellen Nerenberg--about
Dante and his eternal story of unrequited love, Vita Nova. -

enjoyed radio show yesterday. helped with fund raiser, shared resources, read a little Faulkner and from IMMIGRANTS.
catch it here:

My 2 1/2 hr. supportive, fun Writing Workshop & the Writer's Life!

radio appearance featuring discussion/readings from IMMIGRANTS 2 -


Radio spot Thursday December 15, 2016-


Enjoyed RADIO SPOT again with Stephan Alison -

Creative Bestsellers: Concept to Sales
2+ hours of tips, techniques, anecdotes.

A Supporting, Nurturing, Creative Environment-
Some of the Segments:
The Magic of Creative Writing
The Devices Writers Use: Time, Images, Narrative Voice
The Revision Process
Writers’ Block

Anecdotes & Lessons of Writers I've worked with:
Kurt Vonnegut,
Harold Brodkey
Shel Silverstein

Recent review:Jump start your project!
What a great course! I think it has helped free me from old, unhelpful habits. I feel I have some tools now to bring to a close a project I have been working on for longer than I like to think about. Valerio is easy to listen to and really knows his way in and around the various stages of writing projects, from the creative process to editing. He’s engaging, encouraging, and inviting and the course itself is very easy to follow and the video is excellent. I recommend!