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Michelangelo in Bologna

a Wednesday, off to see early Michelangelos with my own eyes. A marble angel--height 51.5, and a statue of Saint Proculus of Bologna which purportedly presages the David--are located in the Basilica of San Domenico. An Asian couple and I arrive at the door at the same time only to discover that the Basilica is closed and will reopen later in the afternoon. Michelangelo's work is open to view at fixed times. Walk over the courtyard's hard stones centuries old. Did Michelangelo walk over them? Did he wear socks? Seated on a shady bench, gaze up the brickwork column to the bronze statue of St. Dominic holding lilies in one hand, giving a blessing with the other that one day I will return to view the Michelangelos. Sunlight shines on the buildings along Via Garibaldi across the way. The old red devil Garibaldi halts his troops on a hill
outside Bologna.

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