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The Semmelweis Project

image of a hand sanitizer with female sign, created by Dave Barry
image Semmelweis, the Women's Doctor, created by Dave Barry

you hear about post partum book completion depression, at least this writer feels it now. Spinning an important tragic yarn like Semmelweis with years of energy, belief, good will, extention into the universe, and then, one day, stop, the way the new mothers who contracted childbed fever, which  causes and mean of prevention he would discover, those mothers' hearts stopped, and sometimes their newborns, too, their breathes ceased and, in the end, Semmelweil went mad, some say from persecution, others late-stage syphillis, still others by infecting himself, running into a surgical theater which location he was able to recall, and cutting himself  then immersing his bare bloddy hands deep into the corpse. In all likelihood, this feeling could arise also after writing a comedy, a musical.

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